I thought about school and now I’m crying


I love my new town theme its so cute

(x) (x)

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trigger warning: animal abuse

Its cold and I’m sad and I swear I want to die


I hereby accept Ryan Haywood as my lord and saviour.
I would follow that man into the depths of hell.

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!!!!!!!!!! tOWER OF PIMPS ¿¿¿??¿!

Hahaha yeah I got bored and made one forever ago I think I might still have some clay to make another one . 3.


I’ve seen a few really cute achievement hunter based motivational posts going around and couldn’t resist drawing my own. ‘cos I know these guys do a damn good job of cheering us up when we need it c:


Carl Grimes throughout the seasons 
↳[requested by anon]


John Barrowman & David Tennant behind the scenes of Doctor Who

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